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Dr.Hajime Takano

Dr.Takano leads an independent research program focusing on basic epilepsy and related neuroscience research centered on the following three major building blocks: (1) advanced optical imaging techniques such as fluorescence lifetime imaging and two-photon microscopy; (2) image, data, and statistical analysis; and (3) application of nanotechnology such as graphene transparent electrodes to functional cellular imaging. 

He investigated nanometer- scale mechanical properties of a model biological membrane system as a graduate student with Dr. Fujihira Masamichi in Department of Biomolecular Engineering at Tokyo Institute of Technology. After graduating, Dr.Takano continued his training as a post-doctoral fellow with Dr. Marc D Porter in Analytical Chemistry /  Microanalytical Instrumentation Center at Iowa State University. Subsequently, he became a scientist at Roy J Carver Laboratory for Ultrahigh Resolution Biological Microscopy at Iowa State University, a joint research collaborative program lead by Dr.Marc Porter in Analytical Chemistry and Dr.Philip Haydon in Neuroscience.

He moved to Neuroscience Dept at University of Pennsylvania to pursue his interest in scanning nearfield optical microscopy. He then became Instructor and Technical Director at Center for Dynamic Imaging of Nervous System Function, an NIH-funded two-photon microscopy research core. Since 2012, he has been a Assistant Professor in Research Track at CHOP and UPENN.


Dr. Takano, originally a nano-scale imaging expert in application of scanning probe microscopy to chemical and biological analysis, shifted his research direction after he saw a time-series images of "calcium wave" captured by fluorescence microscopy (2001). Since then his research focus has been in neuroscience research technology development, especially imaging instrumentation and analysis algorithm development.


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